Sunday, 20 May 2018

Tips for Organization and Leading a Group Hike

Group hikes are a wonderful way to bring people together and explore nature. Meeting new friends and like-minded people can be a good respite from the long work weeks. There are many different hiking meet-up groups throughout the US that match level and location. Not only do you get a great exercise in, but you open yourself up to a whole new network of people. Win-win in our book! Some of the best people we have met have been people out on the trails. There is a sense of similarity when you meet and interact with people. Organizing a group hike takes some advanced planning. We’ve put together our top tips for getting everyone together. For more information click herestriped wool blanket
Give everyone advanced notice. Check the weather and time of year. Many people have commitments on weekends. A little advanced planning goes a long way. For more information click here. Cream Plaid Wool Blanket

2.      Pick an objective that works with everyone. Assess limitations and hiker skill. This will ensure everyone feels included. Is this a work-focused team-building exercise? If so, be sure to check out our Corporate Gift Idea for warm wool blankets. They make unique client and employee loyalty gifts.    

3.      Don’t have too many people. Ten or less is good for a day hike. Otherwise it can be challenging to keep everyone together. 

4.      Reward yourselves! Maybe it’s an epic picnic at the top or a swim in the river. As a wool blanket company, we offer  Wholesale Wool Blankets. Grab one for everyone and take time to unwind and relax after your hike. We have to admit, we think they are the best wool blanketsJ

Be a leader. Make sure everyone feels included and part of the group. If someone is struggling, try to encourage the group to come together and help. Comradery is important in the wilderness. It’s a great way to build memories, too!

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Developing an Impressive Corporate Gift Program

With the advancement of technology and globalization, business competition is tougher than ever. Long gone are the days where companies only provide corporate gifts during the holidays. Implementing a corporate gift program is a wise choice for companies of all industries. Unique corporate gifts build comradery among clients and customers, enhance trust, promotes loyalty, and supports employee relations. Showing employees and customers that your organization cares is an excellent way to boost business sales and employee retention. For more information click here. Navy Blue Wool Blanket
Below are some factors to keep in mind when implementing a strategic corporate gift program in your workplace. For more information click here.  Heavy Wool Blanket On Sale

First Impressions
Like anything else, first impressions last. Your corporate gift should be thoughtful and impressive. Cheap and inexpensive promotional items are quick to hit the trash can. Investing in unique corporate gifts can be the deciding factor or retaining an employee or client. Considering the amount of time an employee dedicates to the workplace or the amount of money a client spends, investing in a meaningful corporate gift is one that is worth it in the long run. Clients can tell when they are being gifted a thoughtful present. For more information click here. plaid wool blanket

Make It Relevant and Useful
Corporate gifts should not be cheap and disposable products. A unique corporate gift is one that the employee or client will use and therefore, be reminded of your company and thoughtful gesture. As a wool blanket company, we hear from companies every year who want to give their employees and unique and special corporate gift. Spread warmth with a durable wool blanket. Perfect for those who love the outdoors (it makes a great camp blanket!) or as a statement piece for those chill nights by the fire place. A 100% merino wool blankets is an impressive and timeless gift that your clients and employees will treasure for years to come.Wool blanket are excellent ways to show clients and employees that you care.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Top 4 Reasons to Hike with Your Kids

In a world where technology is literally in every direction, it’s a sweet relief to unplug and soak up nature. Children today have technology at their fingertips. As the summer months unfold, it’s important to get out and explore the world around us. There are so many lessons to be learned in nature. We’ve put together our top 4 reasons to hike with your kids. For more information click here. Yellow Wool Blanket

1.      Educational
The world is our teacher. Learning about plants, herbalism, gardening, animals, and taking care of the earth are just some of the ways we can teach children to be future protectors of land. For more information click here. Gray Wool Blankets

2.      Exercise
So many kids spend their summers and weekends in front of the TV or playing games on their cell phone. Technology can be great…but should be limited. Healthy eating and movement go together. Cultivating a sense of exercise and self-care is important. And what better way to do that than outside in the fresh air? For more information click here.  100 Percent Wool Blanket

3.      Simplicity
Kids have a lot on their plate these days. Between homework, school, clubs, sports, and college applications, sometimes a little simplicity is what the body and soul needs. Embarking on a family hike on the weekend is a perfect way to disconnect from all other distractions. Pack a picnic and your favorite warm wool blankets and hit the trails! We love packing the gray wool blankets because it’s compact and easy to roll and unroll. Every backpacker should have a good camp blanket and emergency blanket.

4.      Life Lessons
Bringing your kids out into nature not only builds maturity and character, but it teaches them how to prepare in emergency situations. Nature can change in an instant. When kids witness weather patterns, animals, they create a sense of self in the world.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

5 Tips to Pack a Backpack Effectively

Wilderness backpacking is exhilarating. There’s something about being one with nature, living off the land, and exploring the backcountry that puts your place in the world into perspective. Fresh air is so good for the soul. Carving out time to get outside and explore is important for self-care. Hiking can be an excellent balance between exercise and relaxation. We’ve put together some tips on packing your wilderness backpack and outdoor gear effectively and easily. For more information click here.  Wholesale Wool Blankets

Don’t pack as you go. Instead, lay out all the items that you intend to bring with you and then strategically pack from there. This also helps if you accidentally forget to pack something. Lay out your outdoor gear, clothing, hiking boots, wool camping blanket, matches, and fuel.
Pack the largest items in first
Always be sure that weight is evenly distributed and centered. Consider packing the items that you will use last (for example, when you set up camp at the end of the day). For more information click here. wholesale blankets
Avoid leaks. If you intend to pack spare water bottles for the campsite, be sure that these are packed at the base of your pack. This prevents water leaks dampening all of your other items. For more information click here. Quality Wool Blankets

Pack Essentials
Rain gear, wool socks, base layers, and a condensed down jacket are the key pieces we pack in for every backcountry expedition. This isn’t a fashion show. Pack smart and effectively. For more information click here. Black And White Wool Blanket
Emergency and survival items should have quick and easy access
This includes first aid kits, knife, emergency blanket etc.
Use Carabiners
These are great for attaching lighter items to the back of your pack. Use loops to secure your wool blanket, hiking poles, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.
By the time you reach the summit or your final campsite, you’ll be able to quickly unpack, set up camp, and wrap up with your wool blanket for a night of stargazing and relaxing. As a wool blanket company, we never leave home without our green wool blanket and our gray wool blankets. They help cut the chill and make for a restful night sleep.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tips for Staying Warm

Summer and fall are just around the corner. Which means…so are endless weekend soccer games, sporting events, and music festivals. We’ve put together some tips on keeping warm during those early morning practices or late night music concerts. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the temperatures don’t drop. Staying informed and prepared. Nobody like’s being cold. For more information click here. Sheep Wool Blankets

Pack a wool blanket. Our wool blankets make a perfect stadium blanket. Choose from plaid wool blanket, gray wool blankets, green wool blanket, black and white wool blanket, gray and yellow wool blanket, and red, white, and blue wool blanket. As a wool blanket company, we put so much time and effort into curating a quality wool blankets for your family to treasure for years to come.
2.      Wear layers. It’s easier to take layers off then put them on, especially if you didn’t pack any! There’s nothing worse than being cold. Packing layers that are compact and easy to bring are important for a comfortable evening under the stars or on the sidelines. For more information click here.  sheep blanket
3.      Pack wool socks. These make ALL the difference. We love wool (obviously). Not only for our 80% merino wool blankets and our 100% merino wool blankets, but also as socks! Toasty feet make us happy.
4.      Pack a scarf. Lightweight and can fit right in your purse! These make all the difference, especially on airplanes. For more information click here.  best wool blankets
5.      Move around. Exercise gets the blood going and warms the body up. Always plan of time when packing your outdoor gear. For more information click here. Corporate Gift Idea
6.      Drink warm beverages. Something about drinking warm beverages calms the body and evokes a sense of warmth.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

3 Reasons Companies Should Implement Team Building Exercises

Team building is an excellent activity that provides growth and comradery among coworkers. Considering how many hours a day one spends at the office, it’s important to implement team building activities to bring people together. And what better way to do that than to be surrounded by nature? For more information click here. thick wool blanket
Bringing colleagues together outside of the workplace can be good for improving morale, communication, and workmanship. Getting to know colleagues in a different-and sometimes challenging-environment is a trend that many workplaces are beginning to introduce into their organizations. Allocating a budget to team building can be a wise investment for the future and effort of your workforce. For more information click here.  Wool Blanket

There are businesses that facilitate team building surrounded by nature. Nature provides a playground for exercise and discussion. Here are our top reasons why an outside work field trip in nature is worth considering. For more information click here.  woolen blankets

Teambuilding and Performance Enhancement
Bringing teams together builds comradery, trust, and fun.

Fostering an Environment of Fun and Dedication
People work harder when they enjoy the work and the mission. Making your workplace a positive environment fuels employee dedication. Don’t have time for a full day away from the office? Building comradery can be as simple as catering a healthy lunch and laying out some picnic blankets to have a team meal together during the warmer months. In a world where things move quickly, it’s nice to slow down every once and a while and show your employees that they are meaningful to you.

Embarking on a team building activity in nature promotes communication and getting to know colleagues outside of the office. For more information click here.  hammock camping gear

Is your company considering a team building exercise outside? Day hikes are an excellent way to bring colleagues together. Nature provides a wonderful backdrop for teamwork. As the leader of warm wool blankets, Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company offers wholesale wool blankets, which make a unique corporate gift idea for employees and clients. Impressive corporate gifts can build loyalty and support and should be an activity considered all throughout the year. Choose from camp blanket, farmhouse blankets, and 100% merino wool blankets.

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Wool Blanket Spotlight – Rugged Tan Wool Blanket

It’s that time of the year again when the green grass begins to grow, warm weather is pushing through, and there is a buzz in the air.  Camping season is just around the corner.  Are you prepared with your warm weather camping essentials?  Aside from the basics such as sleeping bags, sleeping pad, tents, and of course the makings for s’mores! … another versatile must-have product is a wool camping blanket.  Our top selling wool blanket, the Rugged Tan Wool Blanket, from our Explorer Collection is a perfect size and weight for any outdoor excursion.  This high-quality wool camp blanket will provide you with an extremely warm and dry insulating layer when the sun goes down and the cold weather blows through overnight.  Due to the amazing natural characteristics of Merino wool, our blankets will help keep you cool in the warm weather as well. These blankets are excellent as a sole layer of insulation or as an additional layer above or below a sleeping bag.   
Hammock Camping with your Woolly
Our tan wool blankets are made of premium virgin Merino wool, which is pure new wool and never recycled wool.  Recycled wool fibers lose many of their natural characteristics as the fibers become repurposed.  The tan wool blanket has a milled finish which creates inter-fiber felting.  This provides the wool blanket with a thicker, denser feel.  The tan wool blanket, just like all Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company wool blankets, is finished with extremely durable stitching and a classic yarn whipstitch providing a classic look.  These woolen blankets were designed by outdoorsman and outdoorswomen and were intentionally made to provide versatility for the outdoors person.  Customers across the country use our wool camp blanket for inside the tent, as hammock camping blankets, picnic blankets, or as bush craft bedrolls.  

Shop for your Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company merino wool blankets today! 

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Springtime Picnics

Springtime Picnics
Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining bright. Getting outside is so important for the mind, body, and soul. Once the temperatures warm up, we can’t wait to hit the trails, have nightly bonfires, and lounge under the stars. Picnics add fun and flare to any meal and can be a great activity for both kids and adults. Below are our Top 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Picnic.
corporate gifts
Choose the Right Food
Finger foods are great for picnics. There is less clean up and you’re not juggling utensils around. Cucumber and curry sandwiches, fruit kabobs, sweet iced tea, creamy cashew potato salad, and banana bread are just a few of our favorites. Choose dishes that travel well. Baguettes are a hearty bread, and less inclined to get soggy. Invest in a good cooler to ensure they stay fresh and use sturdy canvas bags to carry the rest. A quality roll up wool blanket is a must-have.

Practice Sustainability
Using break-resistant plates and cloth napkins are a much better alternative to using paper plates and napkins. Tea cloths are useful for covering food from bugs. Keeping drinks cooled in a thermos is better for the environment than contributing to the pollution often caused by plastic water bottles and straws. Parchment paper and twine are suitable for packing and environmentally friendly.

Set Up
Everyone should own a good picnic blanket. A durable wool blanket is perfect for lounging in the park or backyard. At 66 inches by 90 inches, there is plenty of room for two! Choose from our navy blue wool blanket, green wool blanket, tan wool blanket, gray wool blanket, plaid wool blankets, and striped wool blankets. You’re sure to find the design that fits your style! Our wool camp blanket  have a rugged and dense finish. They are also double as a warm stadium blanket, too! Need some 4th of July party décor ideas? Grab our red, white, and blue wool blanket and keep your guests cozy warm all through the night!

What’s a picnic without fun yard games? Our favorites include horse shoes, corn hole, and bocce ball. In the mood to lounge? Then don’t forget the game of Checkers or Scrabble! Board games go perfectly with our black and white wool blanket.

Finally, don’t forget to unplug. Life can be busy and chaotic. Carving out time to separate yourself from technology, emails, text messages, and phone calls forces you to be one with nature and practice gratitude for the gift of presence. An afternoon nap never hurts ;)

Happy Picnicking!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Screened in Porch Décor

Now that spring is here, it’s time to dust off the patio furniture and get your screened in porch in lounge-worthy condition. Screened in porches are so wonderful to use during the warmer months. You’re protected from the bugs but can enjoy the smells and sounds of nature. Our mornings consist of waking up slow with a cup of coffee or tea while listening to the roosters. In the evening, we often sit out on our screened in porch, wrapped up in a warm wool blanket with a cup of wine and listen to the coyotes howl. Whatever time of day it is, you can usually find us out on our porch!

Rugged Tan Wool Blanket

We’ve put together our favorite screened in porch must-haves below.

Screened in Porch Lighting
Lighting can do so much for a room. There’s something magical about white bistro lights strung on the ceiling. It creates a peaceful ambiance. Bistro lights are relatively inexpensive and can completely transform a screened in porch from dull and bland to enchanting and welcoming.

It’s worth investing in outdoor patio that will last a long time. Take care of your patio equipment. Wash the covers regularly and bring in the furniture when the weather turns wet and cold. Find furniture that doubles as storage so that your space isn’t full of clutter.

Patio Blankets
Patio blankets are a nice touch to your screened in porch. We have a chest that doubles as a coffee table. Inside the chest we have quality wool blankets that our guests can grab and cozy up in when the temperatures go down. The patio blankets are protected from the elements and are there in a snap when you feel a chill. Our Farmhouse Collection wool blankets have a brushed finish, giving them added loft and softness. Whether you’re looking for a plaid wool blanket, striped wool blanket, black and white wool blanket, holiday blanket, or a camp blanket….we have plenty to choose from!

Candles add a nice touch to any room, don’t you think? Paired with white bistro lights and a good book, your screened in porch is going to be a little haven you’ll never want to leave.

Outdoor Television
What better way to watch the big game then in the comfort of your screened in porch?

Screened in porches are wonderful additions to any home. A fresh coat of paint, proper lighting, and subtle touches can do wonders for your outside space. Don’t forget, our wool blankets also make meaningful housewarming presents!

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Woolly Wanderings: Mount Shasta, California

Have you ever wanted to get the full Northern California camping and hiking experience? Then we would highly recommend heading to Mt. Shasta.  This outdoor mecca has camping options to suit any need without the crowds that you will typically find in other national parks like Yosemite.  
merino blanket
Mt. Shasta has incredible backcountry trails and camping sites if you want to rough it, or for a more relaxing stay, there are plenty of developed campgrounds with RV hookups and bathroom facilities.   Per, “Mt. Shasta is a dormant volcano rising 14,179 feet high and is the dominant geographic feature of Northern California and Southern Oregon Cascade Range. Water from five glaciers provides moisture for wildflowers, great pine, and red fir forests before finally flowing down the Sacramento Valley to San Francisco Bay. To the west, rises Mt. Eddy (9000 feet) with many alpine lakes and tumbling streams to explore. Castle Crags State Park to the southwest provides a complete system of maintained trails plus challenging cliff climbing too. The trails in the Shasta Trinity Forest near McCloud off Highway 89 features dramatic waterfalls, clear mountain rivers, and streams”. 
Our favorite summertime stay in Mt. Shasta was very simple and consisted of camping hammocks, a few Rugged Gray wool blankets, and a Rugged Hunter Green wool blanket from our Explorer Collection.  We pulled up to McBride Springs and had the campground to ourselves.  We found an excellent campsite and strung our hammocks between the nearest trees.  After reading about many beautiful hikes, we decided to try out the Old Ski Bowl hike which would provide us with fantastic views of Mt. Shasta’s summit.  We were not disappointed as we hiked through the volcanic rock gulch between Green Butte and Sargents Ridge.  Old Ski Bowl is the location of a former ski park that existed until 1978 when an avalanche destroyed the ski lift towers.   You’ll frolic through hidden valleys as you hike above the tree line you’ll see some excellent views of the Castle Crags area, McCloud, and Sacramento River Canyon.  We highly recommend checking out this hike! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Simple and Homemade Maple and Hazelnut Vegan “Nice” Cream

Summer days mean fun in the sun and days full of activities. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with different plant-based recipes. A favorite of ours is “nice cream”—which means it’s dairy free. Whether you’re making it ahead of time for a campsite snack or lounging out on the lawn on your favorite picnic blanket or camp blanket, this tasty treat is one you’ll be coming back for more! The best part? It’s healthy. That’s a double win in our book. 
camp blanket
4 ripe frozen bananas
1 tablespoon of grade A pure maple syrup
1 tablespoon coconut cream (or any nut milk)
A dash of vanilla bean, or cinnamon
1/2 tablespoon of hazelnut butter
Using Blender…
Put liquid in a blender
Break bananas into chunks
Add remaining ingredients
Blend on medium high while mashing. You may need to stop your blender to continue stirring.
Top with fruit if desired. Serve and enjoy!
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Monday, 16 April 2018

Glamping Essentials

Are you looking to get down with nature but you’re not all that interested in roughing out in the back country? Perhaps you should try glamping!  Glamping is simply, glamorous camping.  Glamping can be performed on all different levels from posting up at a nice clean campsite with a bathroom, RV camping, or renting fully equipped cabin or treehouse in the woods.  At Woolly, we like to keep glamping simple by finding that perfect campsite at a National Park which includes a fire pit and bathrooms within walking distance from the campsite.  To glamp things up around the campsite, we like to bring our top 3 favorite glamping products to ensure our campsite is decked out and perfect for those social media posts! 
Wool Blanket
1.     Solar Powered String Lights – Be the envy of all your campsite neighbors.  These lights are perfect for when the sun goes down.  You can string these up around your tent or make a nice backdrop around your fire pit area.  They allow the perfect amount of light for you to make the beautiful s’mores without having to handle a flashlight.  These lights provide a soft warm glow, evoking thoughts of a cozy, front porch of a rustic cabin. 

2.     High-Quality Wool Blankets – Our Farmhouse Collection wool blankets or our Explorer Collection Wool blankets both succeed in being a big hit for glampers everywhere.  Our Merino wool blankets are both functional and stylish.  At approximately 66 inches by 90 inches and 4 pounds, you’ll be impressed by the size and weight of these woolen blankets. Our red, white, and blue Freedom wool blanket makes for great social media posts! These quality wool blankets provide comfort and coziness as you swap stories around the bonfire, laying back watching the stars, or snuggling in your tent. Camp blankets are a must-have for glampers. We offer gray camp blankets, navy camp blankets, green camp blankets, and tan camp blankets. A wool camp blanket will keep you toasty as you listen to the fire crackle and watch the stars glimmer above you.

3.     Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad – If you are glamping, there is a high probability you won’t be sleeping on the ground!  Make sure to get yourself a high-quality air mattress or sleeping pad that will elevate you off the cold, hard ground.  When your body is off the ground, typically the warmer you will be.

We occasionally have wool blankets on sale. Shop our wool blanket collections today!

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Woolly Wanderings in Big Sur, California

Looking for a magical place to wander and explore? Look no further than Big Sur, California. We had the opportunity to camp and explore Big Sur during the summertime months and it’s an experience that we will never forget. The drive through Big Sur on Pacific Coast Highway is breathtaking. Whichever way you are headed, the entrance into the area of Big Sur will be sure to take your breath away.

We started our journey from Northern California, stopping in San Francisco and Santa Cruz along the way. Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful scene and every direction you look reflects stunning ocean views. After grabbing a bite to eat in Santa Cruz at our favorite falafel place, we continued the journey through Monterey and Carmel. There’s no rush to get to Big Sur, since all the coast towns leading up to it are little gems of their own.

Of course, we had to stop to take the classic Big Sur photograph. It truly is amazing to see in person. As we continued our journey, we stopped for an early dinner at a little hippy place that served amazing sandwiches. Without much of a plan, we set off into the woods and drove quite a distance to the top before finally landing at Prewitt Ridge. If you decide to go, be sure that your car has all-wheel drive. This is a very desolated area but the views are worth it. You literally overlook the ocean and camp above the clouds. Prewitt Ridge is one of the most stunning places we have ever set up camp. No running water, no bathroom facilities. Pure nature in its beauty.


Some tips to keep in mind if camping around Big Sur…

Campsites fill up quickly, which is why we opted for backcountry camping in Prewitt Ridge. Be sure to plan if you are looking for a campsite that has bathroom facilities, running water, etc.

Pack water. This is one thing we wish we had packed more of. The temperature was very dry and dusty. Although we had enough to get by, we could have used more if we opted to stay another night.

What to pack?
Plan on packing all the essentials for this trip. It’s remote. Since you’re camping above the clouds, the weather can change almost immediately. Start with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, lantern, whistle, grill, water, chairs, sunscreen, thick wool blanket, extra gasoline for your car, and plenty of food.

Are you planning an upcoming trip to Big Sur? If so, check out our wool blankets for sale. Stock up on camping blankets while you can!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Woolly Wandering in Banff National Park

Thinking about crossing the border for a hiking or camping trip this year? Look no further than Canada's first national park, Banff National Park, nestled in the Canadian Rockies about an hour and half west of Calgary.  This stunning outdoor-lover’s paradise is a great place to visit any time of the year.  From hiking, camping, golfing, birdwatching, white water rafting, and canoeing to skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing -Banff has any outdoor adventure you crave. 
Our Banff adventure began in the early fall when Summer’s warmth had disappeared and the chilly days and snow where in full force.  Winter camping near Lake Louise was a must.  Lucky for us we had our multiple wool camp blankets and our hammock camping gear to keep us elevated from the cold, snowy ground.  Due to the dense weave and high-quality wool, we lined our hammocks with our warm wool blankets from the Explorer Collection.  High quality winter camping sleeping bags are a must.  After lining the bottom of our hammocks with gray wool blankets, the top layer consisted of a heavy wool blanket from the Farmhouse Collection.  We setup wind proof canopies that surrounded our hammocks before hoping into our warm wool enclaves to get some sleep.  

We spent the next few days exploring Banff National Park.  Our favorite sights to see were the emerald waters of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and the world-renowned Lake Agnes Teahouse. 

Lake Louise has the most beautiful emerald blue waters encapsulated by the soaring Rocky Mountainsand the elegant Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel.  The lakeshore paths are typically pretty crowded with tourists and photographers.  Moraine Lake was equally as beautiful as Lake Louise, although it was a bit less crowded.  Lastly, the hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse is astounding! The moderate level hike will have you hiking through a majestic forest passing Mirror Lake and a waterfall cascading out of Lake Agnes, prior to arriving at the tea house which overlooks the crystal clear alpine water of Lake Agnes.  Once you have arrived at this historic tea house, grab yourself a warm beverage, a sandwich and soup, and relax before your next adventure.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Top 5 Items to Keep in Your Camping Tent

We have had the extraordinary opportunity to camp in some of the most beautiful places around the US. You learn a little bit more about yourself and adventure backpacking with each trip that you take. What to pack, what not to pack, and how sometimes you must just go with the flow when it comes to sleeping conditions and weather. Always plan ahead and be sure that you pack the appropriate essentials to keep your adventure safe and comfortable. Below are some of our camping must-haves for a night out in the woods.


I’ve been camping with Birks for years. I prefer the clog version, paired with a warm pair of wool socks. These are great for lounging around the campsite and easy to throw on/off for those midnight bathroom breaks. By slipping them on and off, it prevents dirt being tracked into your tent.

Not only do tents look like a magical little oasis when the lantern is shining bright inside, but these serve as helpful tools when cooking up a campfire meal. Always be sure to check the batteries on your lantern before leaving on your camping trip.

Warm Wool Blanket
Packing a warm merino wool is essential for camping. Wool is temperature-regulating, which means it’s beneficial to use all year round in both warm and cool temperatures. A quality wool blanket will compactly fit on the outside of your backpack. It can serve as a cozy blanket under the stars or as an extra layer over your sleeping bag. A camping wool blanket is a must have for the outdoorsperson. We find that a fiber-blended wool blanket (around an 80% merino count/20% nylon polyester blend) is better than a 100% wool blanket. The nylon and polyester adds more strength and durability to the weave, something that is important to keep in mind when roughing it in the woods. Wool blanket camping is much like hammock camping…once you try it, your adventures will never be the same!

Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality knife. This is not only for safety purposes, but can come in handy when cooking.

You never know when danger may strike. Having a whistle on hand can alert others that you need help.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Vegan Broccoli and Cashew Cheese Cream Soup

We are big soup fans. There’s nothing better than a lazy day around the house with a big pot of soup simmering on the stovetop. Curl up with your favorite book and your best wool blanket, and I’d say that’s a perfect afternoon.


1 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight or 3 hours in hot water
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon sea salt, divided
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 yellow onion, peeled and chopped
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced
8 cups broccoli florets
1/3 cup roughly chopped fresh Italian parsley
4-6 cups homemade vegetable broth, depending on if you like it soupy or chunky. 
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast (optional)

-Sautee onion, garlic, olive oil on low/medium in a dutch oven until you smell the aroma.
-Add your homemade veggie broth. I go with 2.5 cups, but you can add up to 4 depending on how many you are serving.
-Add broccoli florets. Bring to a boil. Reduce on simmer. While simmering...

Take soaked cashews (1 cup, soaked overnight. or if not enough time, boil water and add to bowl and soak while prepping beginning of soup).

Rinse/drain. Put in a food processor. Add 6 Tbs of nutritional yeast and 2/3c+ 3 Tbs unsweetened regular almond milk. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix in food processor until creamy.

Transfer broccoli soup to Vitamix or blender. Pulse to mix. Slowly add creamy cashew sauce and keep mixing.

Transfer back to dutch oven. Warm. 

Serve with homemade oregano artisan bread.

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